École Beauséjour - where French language and culture are at the heart of everything we do!

9725, 99 Street

Plamondon, Alberta

8:40 - 3:17

Monday to Friday


Our mission

As a school council, we (parents, teachers and students) work together to maintain and improve student learning. We all participate in the decision making process when it comes to programs, budgets or school policies. Therefore, we all actively participate in our students’ education.

For more details, please see the School Council Resource Manual.


School councils allow Albertans to be involved in an advisory capacity in topics such as programs, budgets or school policies.

  • The School Council Resource Manual gives multiple pieces of information about school councils, including their operation, composition, links to the “School Act” and rules.

The website for the Fédération des parents francophones de l’Alberta (FPFA) contains many interesting resources. Please follow this link to find answers to 40 questions about Francophone education in a minority setting.


School council members

Tracy Lord: President


Glenda Bouvier: Vice-president


Emily Plamondon et Angelina Giammarioli: Student’s Representatives


Monique Ullliac: Teacher


Brenda Coté


Lisa-Ann Chamzuk


Rhonda Plamondon


Nathalie Hill-Ulliac, School Principal and Secretary